Microsoft Word, Excel, Powerpoint Errors

When using Microsoft Office applications such as word, Excel, Powerpoint – one might get an error as the application has stopped working. There are various reasons and solutions for the fix. One reason could be a add-on and disabling it might fix the issue.

To fix this issue, please follow the below procedures:


Procedure 1:

Make sure that your computer is up to date. Install the latest Windows updates to your computer.


Procedure 2:


Try opening the app in safe mode.

Starting the application in safe mode can help pinpoint if the issue is caused by an Office add-in, which is a common problem. Open the RUN by pressing Windows key + R key together and depending on which app you’re investigating, type the following command and press enter:


  1. excel /safe to start Excel 2013/2016.
  2. outlook /safe to start Outlook 2013/2016.
  3. winword /safe to start Word 2013/2016.
  4. powerpnt /safe to start PowerPoint 2013/2016.
  5. mspub /safe to start Publisher 2013/2016.
  6. visio /safe to start Visio 2013/2016.


Procedure 3:


Try disabling your add-ins



Procedure 4:

Repair the office program from control panel



Procedure 5:


Uninstall and re install the office program


To uninstall and re install the office program, you must be having the installation and the 25 digit product key OR must be able to access the office account from where you can install office program.